Degrees North: Vocational and university education in Australia and Nordic countries

The Finnish approach to education recognises that many young people have vocational aptitudes that are not best fostered in a standard academic environment. Australia can learn from Finland’s attainment of excellence with equity in its post-school educational institutions. 

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Driving Norse: Electric vehicle policies in Norway

In Norway, the number of new car registrations that are EVs is now over 50%. Norway’s success has been driven by government leadership, creating a policy environment to drive a large-scale and sustainable shift to EV use. There are lessons here for Australia.


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Skatt: Treasure and tax in the Nordic countries

This paper, written by Professor Andrew Scott of Deakin University for the Nordic Policy Centre, explores the lessons Australia could learn from Nordic countries such as Norway in providing leadership for revenue raising options in Australia.


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Introducing The Australia Institute Nordic Policy Centre

I am delighted and honoured to launch the Australia Institute Nordic Policy Centre at the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Canberra.




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